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Evanston Divorce Attorneys at Sterling Lawyers, LLC

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About Sterling Lawyers, LLC

Sterling Lawyers is a law firm based in Evanston, Illinois, working in Cook County and the surrounding locations. We solely focus on family law matters. We primarily focus on divorce and child custody issues, allowing us to provide high-quality and personalized legal services to our clients.

The Advantages of Our Exclusive Family Law Practice

Sterling Lawyers' exclusive practice in family law equips us with a profound understanding and a high level of competence that uniquely benefits our clients. For instance, each divorce lawyer is proficient in handling complex property division or challenging child custody cases which enables us to deliver superior representation to our clients, optimizing their legal outcomes.

Your Journey with Sterling Lawyers

With an impressive compilation of decades of family law experience, our attorneys are well-positioned to cater to the unique needs and objectives of our clients. Offering dedicated service and personalized attention, we handle various areas of family law, including alimony, child support, child custody, divorce, paternity, and property division.

Our extensive experience helps us to successfully navigate complex scenarios and manage diverse client cases. Familiarity with the intricacies of family law allows us to represent our clients' best interests effectively, always keeping their needs at the forefront.

Join Hands with Our Accomplished Attorney Team

At Sterling Lawyers, we boast a team of accomplished attorneys, certified collaborative law practitioners, and trained mediators. Our shared goal is to benefit our clients by leveraging our strong network of professionals – including court officials, guardians, therapists, and appraisers – acquired due to our exclusive focus on family law.

Understanding the potential biases of judges allows us to accurately anticipate court rulings and strategize winning game plans for our clients. Our collaborative approach also ensures that we leverage collective insights for the best possible legal outcome.

Establishing A Strong Client Relationship

We recognize the importance of effective communication in fostering a productive attorney-client relationship. We prioritize keeping our clients informed and involved throughout every major decision associated with their cases.

We take pride in our attentive listening skills, ensuring we fully understand our clients’ needs. We work closely with them, hand in hand, throughout the entire legal process.

Sterling Lawyers: The Pillar of Trust and Confidence in Evanston

We understand how stressful dealing with family law issues can be. That's why we go the extra mile to provide unwavering support to our clients throughout the process. Our team of attorneys offers strong legal guidance and personal attention to each client.

We assure you appropriate counsel and direction, serving as a reliable partner in Evanston, Illinois, building trust and confidence throughout your legal journey.

Putting Families First in Evanston

Our commitment to the Evanston community is unshakeable. We adopt a strategic approach to ensure families are at the heart of our practice. This approach has enabled both the community and surrounding areas to address sensitive family issues more effectively.

Sterling Lawyers is here to serve not just the Evanston area but also the surrounding community.

Fairness and Predictability with Pricing

Sterling Lawyers maintains a unique fixed fee billing model. This model offers transparency and predictability to our clients. We believe in complete honesty – which extends to our pricing model. We neither charge hourly nor do we allow for hidden costs.

Our flat-rate fee includes all services – from research and communication to travel and consultation time. We want your divorce attorney to focus on delivering the best possible outcome rather than capitalizing on billable hours for you.

Sterling Lawyers' Promise to You

When you contact Sterling Lawyers, expect excellence in service, commitment, and confidentiality. We adhere to high ethical standards in our practice. Staying at the forefront of legal news is crucial to us; it ensures that our clients receive the benefits of the most current and up-to-date information.

You're One Step Away: Get in Touch Today!

Contact us by phone or through our online consultation form. If you aren't ready for a consultation, we offer free webinars and seminars. Explore our resources like an alimony calculator, child support calculator, divorce forms, parenting plan templates, and property division worksheets on our website. Rest assured that we're committed to serving the Evanston community.

Contact Sterling Lawyers today – your trusted divorce lawyers in Evanston, IL. We will put your needs first.

For Immediate help with your family law case or answering any questions please call (312) 757-8082 now!

Our Location

Our Evanston IL office is located on the sixth floor of the 1603 Orrington Ave building. We are less than a mile away from Northwestern University. Click here for directions using Google Maps.

Where to Park

There is an underground parking garage off of Sherman Ave as well as street parking available by the office.

How to Get to Our Evanston Office:

Coming from ​​Evanston Beach

  1. Head northwest toward Lake Shore Blvd and continue onto Dempster St.
  2. Turn right onto Sherman Pl and pass by the Evanston police department.
  3. Take a slight right onto Orrington Ave and the law office building will be on the right, opposite of fountain square.

Coming from Evanston Hospital

  1. Turn onto Ridge Ave and pass by Subway (on the left in about a mile).
  2. Turn left onto Lake St which is a block past Alexander Park.
  3. Continue until Sherman Ave and then take a left while passing by Harper Park.
  4. Take a slight right onto Orrington Ave and the law office building will be on the right, opposite of fountain square.

Coming from Rogers Park

  1. Head north on N Clark St past the Chicago Math and Science Academy and Touhy Park.
  2. Continue onto Chicago Ave for 2 miles.
  3. Turn left onto Grove St after passing by Raymond Park.
  4. Take a right on Sherman Ave and continue for a couple hundred feet until Orrington Ave.
  5. Take a slight right onto Orrington Ave and the law office building will be on the right, opposite of fountain square.

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