Ensure Fair Child Support in Illinois

When you get a divorce in Illinois, your children are the number one priority. Child support in Illinois can be tricky, but the right attorney, with a plan built around you, can help get back what an unhappy marriage has taken away. We can guide you through the divorce process and help you avoid making mistakes that could keep your children from experiencing the stability they need to flourish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is child support calculated in Illinois?

First, you figure out how much it costs to support the child. Then you figure out how much each parent already pays based on the placement schedule. If there is an imbalance in income that doesn’t match the balance of placement and spending, one parent will pay child support.
For a more in-depth explanation, read our Calculate Illinois Child Support Payments article.

What is the child support percentage in Illinois?

The old child support laws worked on a percentage of income based on how many children need support. This is no longer how child support is calculated.

What is the new child support law in Illinois?

The old method used a flat percentage of the party's income. Now, child support is based on the net income of both parties. The child support calculation finds each party’s support obligation.

What is the minimum child support in Illinois?

The state of Illinois said the basic child support for one child is $1,215 per month. However, this is not realistic for every situation, so it is not always the standard.

How long does a father have to pay child support in Illinois?

You can terminate child support when the child turns 18. But, if the payer still owes back child support, that doesn’t just go away when the child turns 18.

Can child support be waived in Illinois?

Yes, the person receiving child support has the option to waive it. But, if they change their mind, they can still get it at a later time.

How do I put myself on child support in Illinois?

To put yourself on child support, go to the Child Support Services section of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services website. The website will point you to your regional office. If you are doing this willingly, the process is much smoother and there shouldn’t be much of a hassle with the court.

What can you spend child support on?

The state of Illinois does not restrict what child support money can be spent on. The assumption is, even if you spend the child support on something not for the child, you’ll be spending money from somewhere else on them anyway.

How much can child support take from your check in Illinois?

If a parent does not pay child support, the court can enforce the child support order by taking the money from the payer’s checks. The garnishment laws limit the amount they can take to 50% of disposable earnings.