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Illinois child support calculatorUse the calculator below to get an idea of future child support payments.

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Number of Children – enter the number of minor children (under 18) you have

Number of Overnights – enter the number of overnights you will have the children (several examples are listed above)

Gross Monthly Income – Enter the gross monthly income (the total you make before taxes) in the corresponding fields.

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There's been a lot of talk about the new income shares model being adopted into child support laws in Illinois in 2017. The thought process behind the new model is to hold both parents accountable towards the support of their child in a way that is similar to if the child was in an intact household.

There are a number of factors that contribute to how much each parent will pay in Illinois' new income sharing model. First, your basic support is determined by your contribution to you and your spouse's shared net income, as well as the percentage of time the child spends with you during the year.

To illustrate the basic idea imagine a couple spends approximately $20,000 per year on their child's expenses and they decide to split time with their child 50/50. After going over financial documents, they find that the father contributes 40% to their combined income and the mother 60%. In that case, the father would have to pay 40% of that $20,000 ($8000) while the mother pays 60% ($12,000).

In addition to the basic support, there may be extra costs added to the support order by the court, such as money for medical expenses or extracurricular activities.

You might not like the idea of paying child support. But failing to do so is only going to hurt you in the long run. If you have a disagreement or feel your child support ruling is unfair, contact an attorney to see if a modification can be made.

Income Sharing Model

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