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Sterling Proven Process

Let's face it, family court is unreasonably complex and terribly inefficient. Going it alone leaves even the most many savvy people frustrated and fed up. We aim to put an end to the craziness. We promise you that working with Sterling Lawyers will give you peace of mind.

Everyone has tried to find something in the dark, stubbing their toe, knocking something to the ground, making a mess and tons of noise.

Welcome to the divorce process in Wisconsin. To the average person, the prospect of navigating through the court system is like searching for something in an unfamiliar room in the dark. Every nerve racking noise and sharply painful toe stub is like trying to decide who gets placement of the children or who keeps the family home. It's scary, it's unexpected and it hurts.

A lay person's lack of legal knowledge diminishes their rights as they focus more on who did or said what to who and when. Unfortunately judges rarely, if ever, care about these details. We don't blame our clients for getting caught up in the emotions of a legal action, and many attorneys going through similar actions act the same way. When emotions are high, clarity slips away and few are able to act in their own long term best interests.

The STERLING PROMISE is how we give back to you

Many people describe going through a legal action as riding a roller coaster without a harness. They are just holding on, hoping to get to the end. We can't promise to make the roller coaster go any slower, but we can give you a safety harness and make sure you get to the end safely.

Your legal action will likely be a roller coaster of emotions, but we can ensure you have clarity and control. You can have peace of mind case when is moving forward that your wishes are being executed upon.

With us, we make it easy. Soon, your case is less like a crazy roller coaster and more like a Ferris wheel.

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