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In cases where couples earn less than a combined $250,000 annually, a standard formula can be applied to determine how much is expected to be paid in alimony. Even in cases outside of the ordinary, the formula may be used as a guideline. Here is a rough estimate of how it will be calculated:(30% of the payer’s gross income) – (20% of the payee’s income) = the yearly maintenance support. However, that support cannot cause one spouse to earn more than 40% of the couple’s combined income.

The length is determined in large part by the length of the marriage:

(Marriage 0-5 years) x (20%)
(Marriage 5-10 years) x (40%)
(Marriage 10-15 years) x (60%)
(Marriage 15-20 years) x (80%)
Marriages of 20+ years – the court will either order permanent spousal maintenance or maintenance for the length of the marriage.

So, for example, spousal support awarded to someone in a 10-year marriage would be paid for six years.

What else is taken into consideration?

Though Illinois might use the formula as a guideline, they can and will take other factors into account. These include income, earning capacity and job prospects, the needs of each spouse and many others. There are many different types of maintenance that may be awarded based on your specific circumstances.


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