10 Dirty Divorce Tricks

A marriage is based on a deep love, trust, and devotion. A divorce, however, can bring about feelings which are the polar opposites. Even though these feelings are on the opposite spectrum, they can sometimes be reinforced by the same passion and fervor which once fueled the love in the relationship. This is a primary reason why some divorces can be so ugly. The same intensity that love was felt translates into an intense resentment.

WATCH OUT! Some Spouses are up to No Good

This can be based on feelings of betrayal and disloyalty. Many harbor feelings which mimic being “attacked”, and instantly respond by exhibiting behaviors associated with self-preservation.

Dirty Divorce TricksIn light of this concept, divorce can also be a detriment to your emotional state. All too often, individuals going through a divorce feel outraged, offended, resentful, exhausted, depressed, guilty, stressed, confused, and overall devastated. These emotions, among others, predominantly assist in fueling irrational, and sometimes destructive behaviors.

The result is the bitterness of conflict and hostility most often seen in a divorce. This usually embodies certain traits such as withdrawing funds from a mutual bank account, absconding with the children, hiding assets, and more.

These actions cause reactions from the other, usually negative. This butterfly effect has dire consequences, mostly hindering the possibility of mutual benefit from the divorce proceedings. It places the final decision on the judge, rather than the two parties coming to an agreement. However, understanding the ways a spouse may employ destructive tactics during a divorce may assist in overcoming these obstacles by being forewarned, and prepared. We at Sterling Lawyers hope this brings to light how some people respond to divorce.

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