Using Children as Leverage

When divorce rears its ugly head and children are involved, sometimes the parents do not act in the best interest of their children and try to leverage the children to get what they want. The game of getting even with some real or imagined act by the other spouse sometimes clouds judgment and impairs competent decision making regarding them. 

Withholding visitation[1] from the other parent is one of these bad decisions that in some circumstances can lead to severe consequences. If there is a court order in place outlining visitation and custody and you violate it, you could face contempt of court or even jail time. It might even have an impact on the agreement that is currently in place.

It becomes even more complicated when there is no order or arrangement in place while you and your spouse negotiate the details of the custody agreement or await your custody case in court. In this case, there isn't much the spouse can do about being denied visitation by the other parent. Be aware, however, that a judge will frown upon this type of behavior and impose consequences.

With the exception of extreme circumstances, withholding quality time for the other parent to love and nurture the child or children that love you both and are already upset, not sure of what is happening around them, is imposing more of a burden than they should have to carry. Leave the children out of your hostilities.

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