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Your financial stability and future security depend on a fair divorce settlement and alimony terms. A mistake in your Wisconsin spousal support agreement or legal misrepresentation could cost you more than just money. We understand the anxiety that accompanies financial uncertainty. We take the time to listen to your needs, communicate your options, and develop a clear plan, so can you move forward.

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Estimate alimony by using our WI alimony calculator here. Using this calculator is a good way to inform yourself on how alimony will impact you financially.

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"My initial consult was very comforting - Kirsten was so friendly and made me feel at ease right from the start. Divorce is a difficult time as it is and then you start talking attorney fees and property division and husband knowledge/concerns and it gets even more over-whelming. She just reminded me to breathe and that they have this, she is with me every step of the way and if for some reason she would need to be away, there is always someone within to back her up."

- Tracie M.
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