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Your financial stability and future security depend on a fair divorce settlement and alimony terms. A mistake in your Wisconsin spousal support agreement or legal misrepresentation could cost you more than just money. We understand the anxiety that accompanies financial uncertainty. We take the time to listen to your needs, communicate your options, and develop a clear plan, so can you move forward.

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Estimate alimony by using our WI alimony calculator here. Using this calculator is a good way to inform yourself on how alimony will impact you financially.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What determines if you get spousal support?

The court looks at the spousal support factors laid out in Wisconsin’s state statutes. These factors include each party’s health status, earning power, and education level.

Who determines the amount of spousal support?

The court determines the amount of spousal support. Wisconsin’s laws don’t outline exactly how to do it, so there are a variety of methods. Use our spousal support calculator to estimate how much spousal support will be paid in your case.

How long do you have to be married to get alimony in Wisconsin?

It is rare for the court to order alimony in marriages that lasted less than ten years. So, more than 10 years is a good rule of thumb for when alimony becomes more of a reality. The length of the marriages impacts how long alimony will be paid for. In long-term marriages, the court can even order life-long alimony.

Is alimony required in Wisconsin?

Alimony is not required in Wisconsin. Even in cases where the court orders one party to pay alimony, the person receiving it has the option to deny it. But, if alimony is denied when the divorce is settled, it cannot be asked for later.

How often is alimony awarded in Wisconsin?

Alimony is not awarded in most cases. Alimony is only awarded where there is a distinct imbalance in earnings and capacity to earn.

How can I avoid alimony in Wisconsin?

If alimony is likely to be ordered in your case, but you don’t want to pay it, you can offer other deals. For example, you could pay a lump sum of money in the beginning rather than paying out over a period of time.

Can you get spousal support in Wisconsin?

Yes, spousal support, also called alimony, can be a part of marriage settlements in Wisconsin. Spousal support is not paid in most divorces, but it does occur regularly.