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Attorney Abigail Henderson
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Practice Areas:
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
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Madison, WI
Licensed Since 2021

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About Abigail Henderson

(Also known as Abbey Henderson, Abigail Bowen, Abbey Bowen)

Abigail fiercely advocates for her clients because she is passionate about helping others. Like many, Abigail knew she had this passion at a young age. During her undergraduate, she searched for paths to develop this passion, tutoring English language learners, mentoring at-risk youth, and volunteering with organizations that support victims of domestic violence. It was this final path that led her to law school and finally family law.
Abigail’s work as the legal advocacy intern with the Harbor House Domestic Abuse Program taught her the true role of any legal advocate. She worked with people in tough, emotionally charged situations, struggling to get their much-needed restraining orders. As a legal advocate, her role was not to fight for these people, rather, she translated their experiences into something the courts could understand.

To Abigail, an attorney’s role too isn’t just to represent their client, it is to translate for them–to transform their experiences into an argument based in laws and statutes that convinces the court to rule in their favor. A lot of people have a hard time advocating for themselves, especially in front of a judge. Abigail saw this, but she also saw that winning these cases gave them safety and control over their lives. Abigail was pretty sure she wanted to work in family law after this experience, but law school solidified her path.

While at the University of Wisconsin Law School, Abigail worked in the UW Family Court Clinic where she got in-the-trenches family law experience. With six other students and a supervising attorney, she worked on family law cases for people with low incomes. She worked directly with the clients, researching their cases, drafting their documents, and even advocating for them in court. This was her first experience truly diving into family law cases, and it confirmed her desire to work in family law. She loves these cases because she helps families transform their lives for the better. The cases also challenged her to think creatively and critically to best bring her client’s needs to the court.

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These experiences and more culminated in Abigail graduating with a concentration in family law. Now, Abigail not only advocates for her clients, but helps them craft a sustainable path for the future, giving them the tools to find a new normal that is safe, secure, and sustainable.

When she’s not helping families, Abigail spends time with her own family. She spends time with her and her husband’s families, exploring Wisconsin’s parks and relaxing on Lake Michigan’s shorelines. At home, Abigail and her husband are coffee enthusiasts. They love to try all the local coffee shops and their specialty drinks. Abigail’s husband is an officer in the military, so she also has a specific interest in helping families in the military navigate their family law cases.

Bar Memberships

State Bar Of Wisconsin

State Bar of Wisconsin
Admitted in 2021


University Of Wisconsin Law School
University of Wisconsin Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2021)
Concentration in Family Law
Lawrence University
Lawrence University
Bachelors in Government (2018)
Graduated Summa Cum Laude
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