Conflicting Out Attorneys

When everyday living is escalating into a constant battle, fighting, arguing and maybe the signs are there that one of the parties is even having an affair, you start thinking that maybe a divorce is the way to end it all.

How Spouses Create Conflicts of Interest

You want to be sure you get your fair share in a divorce proceeding and want the lawyer with the best reputation for handling a divorce case. You shop around and find the best lawyer and set up a consultation with them. You meet with the lawyer and share intimate details of your position but do not yet retain him.

You have also checked out other attorneys in the area to find out who else handles divorce cases and made appointments for consultations with each of them. This behavior is another dirty divorce trick.

You have now established an attorney/client relationship with several of the better attorneys in your area. You go forward with your plan for a divorce, retain the best attorney and inform your spouse of your intentions. Once you have shared information with an attorney and established the attorney/client relationship, they cannot represent the spouse in the case, limiting their options for representation.[1]

The practice of “conflicting out” of attorneys is often used by celebrities along with everyday people to limit their spouse's options and while the shopping around may be a legal and legitimate method, the fact remains that the other party in the divorce cannot use any of the attorneys that have been met with.

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