Spousal Starving Tactics

One dirty divorce tactic, employed by both wealthy couples and those with modest incomes is a tactic called “starving” a spouse. When it comes to the divorce proceedings, a judge may consider the starving issue but it could take months to have your case heard. Litigating divorce related issues is a timely procedure and costly, which puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

How Spouses Withhold Money & Resources

There is no recourse in the short term so try to recognize the signs that your spouse may be ready to employ this tactic which leaves him or her with access to all your funds, with plenty of money to afford representation and you trying to put food on the table. This is accomplished by cutting off all financial assets;[1] emptying the joint bank account, denying you access to the credit cards by removing your name from them and taking any available cash in the household.

They can also stop paying all house bills, knowing you have no resources to take care of them yourself. You are left with no way to feed or house your family and no quick way to rectify the situation in the courts. The starved spouse is left relying on friends and family generosity, borrowing money they don't know when or how they can repay, looking for a job and trying to maintain a household with no financial support.

Be on the lookout for signs of potential spousal starving; becoming secretive about money matters, missing credit cards and a reduction in the household allowance.

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