How to Collect Child Support from Someone Who Is Self-Employed

The first thing your attorney would need to know is whether you both filed financial disclosures under Wis. Stat._767.127 during the divorce proceedings in regards to the amount of child support ordered. This would also indicate the actual income being accounted for.

You see, being self employed means there is no one to send the wage garnishment order to other than your ex-spouse, and he/she is the one not paying. There are, however, ways around this. Your lawyer may be able to obtain a bank attachment in order to collect the support directly from his/her account.

Thinking outside the box is an approach that you and your lawyer should take, especially if you feel that he/she could be untruthful about their actual income. For one thing, you and your divorce lawyer may be able to obtain your spouse's phone records or client list through court orders, and subpoena them in order to find out how much they are paying for the services, and by what method they are paying.

This may lead to a fast settlement. Just because the person is self employed, it doesn't mean there aren't ways to make them pay. If you haven't already, it would be in you best interest tp seek legal help in the matter right away.

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