How to Pay Child Support in Wisconsin

All child support payments must be paid through the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund. WI law requires support orders to include income withholding. If you're self-employed, between jobs, or past due, support can be paid online, direct deposit, by mail, or by phone.

Ways to Pay Child Support

All child support is paid to the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund (WI SCTF) which then gives it to the receiving party. Paying it through the WI SCTF is the only way to be certain that your payments count towards child support. So, do NOT just pay the other party directly.

You can pay child support through–

  1. Income Withholding
  2. Paying Online
  3. Paying with Cash
  4. Paying by Phone
  5. Mailing Payments

Most child support is paid through income withholding, but there are circumstances when other options are necessary. Income withholding may not be the best option if the payer isn’t currently employed, is self-employed, or is trying to pay extra to pay off arrears.[1]

Child support cases heavily impact both parties and can be hard to modify until years later. To get a fair child support order from the beginning, use a family law attorney such as one from Sterling Lawyers.

1. Income Withholding

Income withholding is similar to garnishing wages in that it pulls directly from the payer’s paycheck. This is the best option in most cases because the paying party can’t forget to pay or pay late.

For this to happen, the child support agency sends a notice to the payer’s employer. The employer then deducts the allotted portion from each paycheck. The money goes to the WI SCTF to then be distributed to the other party. Also, the employer can charge their employee a fee for any costs associated with this process.

Child support can also withhold income from unemployment, worker’s compensation, pension payments, and SSDI benefits.[2] Payments come as often as the payer gets paid.

2. Paying Online

The second most convenient option for most people is to pay online by credit or debit card or by transfer from a checking or savings account. When paying online, there are fees which vary depending on the website and payment method.

The three websites you can use are ExpertPay, MoneyGram, and GovPayNet. ExpertPay also allows payments through PayPal. Before using any of the options in this article, it is best to contact your local child support agency to confirm they allow these methods.

3. Paying with Cash

Paying in person is a safe and reliable option, and you can pay at any MoneyGram location. Many retail stores such as Pick-N-Save, CVS, and Wal-Mart are MoneyGram locations. Payments can be made with cash or a card if you prefer in-person credit or debit card transactions, and there is a set fee of $3.99 per payment.

To pay at one of these locations, you will need your child support pin and the receive code (the receive code for WI SCTF is 14692).

4. Paying by Phone

Paying over the phone is another convenient option that is great for self-employed people because you can pay from anywhere. To use this method, you first file the authorization form, found in the first link in the references section below.

5. Mailing Payments

Mailing is another reliable method to pay child support, but there needs to be a payment coupon included with the payment. There are a few different coupons, and all types can be found by following the link in the first reference below titled Ways to Pay Support.

Mailed payments need to include the correct coupon, the KIDS pin or social security number, a cash or a check payable to WI SCTF, and addressed to WI SCTF / PO Box 74200 / Milwaukee, WI 53274.

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How Much Child Support Do I Have to Pay in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin child support is based on the number of overnights each party has with the child and each party’s income. To calculate child support, use our child support calculator.

What if I Can’t Pay Child Support?

If you can no longer pay child support because you lost your job or have some other extenuating circumstance, then you may be able to modify your child support. Unpaid child support is known as back child support or arrears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pay child support online in Wisconsin?

Yes, you are able to pay child support online through ExpertPay, MoneyGram, and GovPayNet. Which website to use depends on which county the case is in and what that county accepts.

Where can I pay my child support?

If you are looking to pay in person, you can pay child support at any MoneyGram location such as in a Pick-N-Save or a CVS. Otherwise, child support can be paid online, over the phone, or by mail.

How long do I have to pay child support in Wisconsin?

You pay child support until the child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever comes last. There are a few other possibilities, but generally, it is difficult to
end child support payments if the child has not aged out.

How do I find out how much child support I owe in Wisconsin?

The easiest way to figure out how much you owe in child support is to check on the Child Support Online Services website.

How do I get rid of child support interest in Wisconsin?

Unpaid child support becomes arrears and arrears gain interest. This interest needs to be paid off, but there is a chance it can be forgiven by the state upon request. Arrears can be forgiven with the consent of the other party or if you can prove there was a time you should not have been paying.

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