Child Support and Divorce in Wisconsin

When going through a divorce with children the topic of child support will always be involved. Child support is money paid from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. What the court is looking to establish for the child in a divorce is an equal standard of living in both homes.

For decades Wisconsin has used a percentage schedule when one parent has primary placement of the child, which means one parent has the child less than 92 overnights during the year. Types of placement under 92 overnights include every other weekend.

If both parents have the children for more than 92 overnights during the year then the placement schedule will no longer be considered primary placement. Instead the placement schedule will be considered a joint placement schedule. When a join placement schedule is in place a combination of the straight percentage and percentage of time will be calculated to determine child support.

Estimate Child Support Payments

Get some clarity and estimate your child support payments here. Use our child support calculator to understand what your child support payments may look like based on your desired placement schedule and income level.

Child support, alimony and property division can be very contentious topics while negotiating a divorce settlement. While child support may be something an individual does not want to pay, this tack and intention will be viewed poorly by the court. Please keep this in mind while going through the process.

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