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How Can I Collect Child Support From Someone Who Is Self-Employed?

Self-employment can make it difficult to collect child support through traditional means such as wage garnishment, and it's imperative that you seek legal guidance right as soon as possible. A knowledgeable attorney can legally obtain useful documents, such as bank statements, phone records, or client records which may provide the basis for further action. Be patient and persistent.

Sterling Law Video: Collecting Child support

Advice from Attorney Dan Exner on getting the support you're owed.

In the state of Wisconsin, any time a support order is entered the court will order an income assignment

An order is sent to that person’s employer to say: “before you enter your paycheck to this employee, he/she owes ‘this’ amount in support and you need to take that out to send to the state or send to the payee.”

The reason this is done is so that the parties are responsible for the fulfillment of these obligations. Emotions can be running high, and people can withhold child support for various reasons. 

If someone is self employed, the order will be going to them and they are going to have the option of filling it. If they do not fill it, there are an abundant amount of remedies the court can employ. Remedies ranging from fines or jail time to enforce that person to comply with the orders. 

If you find yourself in a situation where the self employed parent is not fulfilling the child support order then it is probably time to consult an attorney to determine which remedy is best for your case.

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