Addressing The Unexpected During A Divorce Proceeding

It's always better to be over prepared than under prepared. During the pendency of a divorce case, many things can happen like a suspension or dismissal. There can be many reasons for the unexpected to happen during a divorce proceeding. It is important to do research to understand how to react if those situations arise.

What if I suddenly change my mind?

One of the mistakes that you can do in your life is when you make rush decisions. When it comes to ending your relationships with other people, there is a need to undergo a proper discernment method. This means that you must weigh the options properly. Think of the pros and cons of the choice that you are about to make. If you happen to re-think your decision of getting a divorce, you can file a motion in court to withdraw the petition for the issuance of a divorce decree. This can be done with the assistance of your lawyer.

What if there is reconciliation?

It is normal for couples to fight and argue about certain things. The arguments may lead to the decision of getting a divorce. However, after a few days or weeks, both of you may realize that you are still willing to save the marriage. When there is a possible reconciliation with the other spouse, you can either file a motion for dismissal of the case or a motion for its suspension. Suspension is only proper when you want to buy more time for yourself as you consider reconciliation.

Should I contact a lawyer?

Some changes or modifications during a divorce proceeding are inevitable, and our law firm is here to help. Human as we are, there will always be a need to suspend or cancel a particular divorce case. In order to fully understand these matters, talk to your lawyer. Do not make instant decisions without discussing the possible legal implications of your actions. Every particular act has a corresponding consequence. Always be careful with the choices that you are going to make. This can be done by consulting to your legal counsel at all times. A good lawyer can either break or make your case.

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