Coping With Your Ex Seeing Someone New

The end of the marriage can cause stress, depression, and anxiety in your life. This emotional burden becomes greater especially if you can see that your ex-husband or ex-wife has already moved on from the separation. The worse case is that you may, later on, discover that he or she is seeing someone new.

Do Not Let It Affect You

It is tough to realize that you are now alone while your ex is spending his or her time with a new person. You may keep on asking yourself what went wrong in the relationship or keep on wondering if your ex-partner has already moved on for good. Instead of allowing these matters to affect you, what you need to do is sit back and relax. Take a moment to smell the flowers and appreciate the other great things in your life. The pain will soon pass away and you will wake up one day feeling grateful that your marriage ended.

Knowing When to Call a Lawyer

When there is already a final decree of divorce issued by a proper court with competent jurisdiction, the marriage is dissolved. This means that both you and your ex-spouse can already contract a new marriage. No one will be subjected to a criminal case for bigamy since the marital union has already been extinguished in the eyes of the law.
However, if there is a mere de facto separation between you and your husband or wife, then you may consider calling a divorce lawyer. In such a case, a family lawyer can help you file for absolute divorce or if there is a proper ground, for divorce by bed and board. It is worthy to note that if the second type of divorce is filed, the marriage will not be completely dissolved. There will only be an adjudication concerning the properties of the spouses and their other legal interests.

Find a New Passion

Instead of inquiring about the details of the new relationship that your ex is currently involved in, why don't you try finding a new passion[1]? Nowadays, different establishments offer interesting activities that are guaranteed to take away every person's stress. For example, you can try enrolling in a baking and cooking class. You can also attend yoga classes or be active at a gym. Do whatever it is that will make you completely happy.

Keep Your Cool

Now is not the time to break down and self-destruct. Instead of focusing on the fact that your former spouse is already in a new relationship, you should keep yourself busy. Try new things or engage in new activities. Do not start a fight with your ex or the new person[2] in his or her life. It will only make you look pathetic and it has the possibility of completely destroying your relationship with the ex. Keep your cool at all times and try your best to avoid confrontations. Just be happy because you deserve it.

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What If Your Ex Gets Married?

If this is the case, then it is serious. It will not only affect you emotionally but also financially especially if you have been granted alimony by the court or if your ex is adjudged liable for the payment of child support. Once he or she remarries, there is a possibility that the other party will fail in complying with the obligations imposed upon him by law or by a court order. To ensure that your rights are well protected, talk to your law office. Inquire about the scenario and the possible effects that it may bring in your life and the lives of your children.

Talk To Your Children About It

Whether you like it or not, there is a need to get your children involved. Always remember that whenever there are major changes in the lives of their parents, they have a right to know of such since it can greatly affect them. Inform them that there could be new changes in all your current living arrangements as well as custody agreements. Avoid bad-mouthing about your ex-partner as it will only make the kids more confused and can even cause pain to them. Be gentle and careful with the words that you use.

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