How to Get a Divorce without a Lawyer in Wisconsin

You do not need a lawyer to file a divorce in Wisconsin. Filing a divorce without lawyer is called a Pro Se Divorce. If you have the time and emotional bandwidth to understand the court rules and procedures a DIY will save you money.

What is a DIY or Do-It-Yourself Divorce?

Also know in the legal community as a pro se divorce, DIY divorce is when you represent yourself and work through the court procedures without the guidance of an attorney. The court expects the same legal work product and adherence to court procedure from a pro se litigant as they would from an attorney. This means a pro se litigant must file the necessary paperwork[1] with a judge and come to an agreement with your spouse without the help of an attorney. The pro se litigant must also follow the county-specific court procedures.

A divorce can be filed either jointly (meaning both parties agree to end the marriage) or as an individual. In the case where you file for a divorce alone, you will have to arrange for the papers to be served to your spouse in an official capacity. This may seem arbitrary, but improper service will force the court to enforce proper service statues. This means in nearly all instances restarting the process from the beginning.

Depending on how long you've been married and if you have children, the process can be relatively simple or very, very complex.

Is a DIY Divorce Right for You?

Our reasoned, biased opinion is many pro se litigants deal with frustrations within the court system due to a lack of knowledge of the procedures. Many times when divorcing spouses have limited acrimony, no children, and or limited assets/debts to divide they are more than capable of coming up with an acceptable marital settlement agreement. However, limited knowledge of the process forces many divorcing spouses to start, stop and restart wasting months of time as well as several hundred dollars in court filing fees.

From our perspective unless you are familiar with the court system and local county procedural rules you should at a minimum hire an attorney to coach you through the process. We believe this will save you months of time and frustration as well as becoming properly informed you of your rights as it relates to any agreement you sign. Sterling Law Offices offers many low-cost options to facilitate this process for those with limited resources and or agreed-upon divorce issues.

What are the benefits of do-it-yourself divorce?

  1. Lowest cost option
  2. Great if no kids, no assets, no debt, similar income, less than 3 year marriage
  3. Great if county court procedures are clear and understood

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