How Can I Work as a Team with My Spouse?

Find activities you and your spouse can both do together, so that you both may revel in completing a task using teamwork. The goal is to take those mundane tasks and turn them into something you both can experience and improve your communication.

Learn to Work Together

You may believe that you already know how to work as a team, it is your spouse who has the issue. You may believe that this truth is unavoidable, and not open for debate. If this is the case, the issue more than likely, at least in part, lies with you. This does not make you a bad person, and it does not mean it is all your fault. It just means that we each have to remember to keep an open mind, and look for ways we can improve ourselves – not how we can find blame in someone else. It's about starting fresh.

Starting fresh and learning to work together is a tool that you may use at any time in your relationship – be you newlyweds, or experienced partners of 20 years or more. Remember, everyone falters from time to time, and everyone loses their way. Sometimes we get stuck in our ways. Sometimes we change without ever realizing it, and believe it is our spouse who has become a different person. Remembering how you feel about your spouse is the key to finding the solutions that will set your back on the right path. Teamwork is a great way to achieve this. For example, you could find chores that can be done together, so that you both may experience the feeling of finishing a job that relied on the both of you to accomplish it.

When it comes to decision making, both of you should discuss it in detail so that you both have a say in all situations – both, big and small. Be sure to find projects you can both do together, as well. These projects should be split 50/50 in order to bring out each of your strengths, and have the both of you depending on each other to be completed. Learning to depend on each other is a fantastic way to start fresh, and learn how to work together again.

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