It's Okay to Have a Pity Party When Getting Divorced

Getting or undergoing a divorce can stir a lot of emotions and feelings on your part. There will be days when you would feel that everything in your life is falling apart. It is hard to accept that the marriage you have taken cared of for how many years is finally going down the drain.

During this time, it is important to surround yourself with the set of people who will not judge you for all the choices you have made in the past. Nonetheless, allow yourself to feel the pain for a moment. Then, when the right time comes, make sure that you can eventually bounce back as soon as possible.

It's Okay to Feel Sorry About Everything

As already mentioned above, give yourself a chance to feel the pain and suffering brought by the separation. Once you feel sorry about what happened with the marriage, you are putting yourself in the state of learning the art of acceptance. In this stage, you will be able to see the reality that indeed, things have already changed between you and your ex. There is no other way to go but forward.

Enjoy Your Own Pity Party

Weird as it may sound but it is actually therapeutic, in a way, to cry your heart out to sleep. Curl up in bed and think of the painful thoughts in order for you to be able to feel all the hurt until you get tired of it. One day, you will wake up realizing that you want something new – that you actually want to be happier. Always remember that you do not deserve to be in that kind of mess for the rest of your life. You have to get up and show everyone that you can do it.

There Are Always Limits

While you have to enjoy your very own pity party, there are some ground rules that you need to observe. First of all, avoid alcoholic drinks. These will only make you feel vulnerable and extra lonely. At the same time, when there is alcohol in your system, there is a tendency that you will become looser and are more likely to make the wrong decisions. Also, keep on reminding yourself with the end that you want to achieve. You cannot stay in the dark forever. The end goal here is for you to finally let go and move on from the broken relationship. Most especially, do not forget the legal aspect of the divorce by constantly communicating with one of your Waukesha law firms despite the fact that you are having a “pity me party.”

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