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Attorney Mike Kyrios
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Practice Areas:
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
Primary Location:
Milwaukee, WI
Licensed Since 2014

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About Mike Kyrios

(also known as Mike E. Kyrios, Michael Kyrios, Michael E. Kyrios)

Attorney Mike Kyrios has a passion for understanding people and helping them solve their problems. This originated in his life-long passion for history where he learned that every story is rooted in people, people with their own struggles, desires, and stories. He wants to help the people of today’s history make the next step in their story, and family law provides him with the unique opportunity to creatively craft solutions to help people through a consequential time in their life.

While earning his degree at the University of Wisconsin Law School, he worked at his school’s Family Court Clinic where he provided no-cost family legal services to people with low incomes. It was here, learning these people’s stories and helping them through one of the hardest times in their lives, that Mike solidified his decision to practice family law, so he could continue on his path of helping others.

Primarily working on divorce and child custody/support cases, one of his proudest moments as an attorney was when he obtained a strong maintenance award for a divorcing client. This case was quite a contentious case, but he knew his client was justified in her goal and deserved the maintenance she ultimately received. It’s these moments when the hard work pays off and his clients are where they need to be, that he knows he’s in the right profession.

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Law school changed his life in more ways than one because this is also where he met his wife, Kelsey. Together, they moved to Milwaukee, and Mike has loved its rich and diverse history. When the weather is nice Mike and his wife love having friends over to grill out and enjoy the weather. When the weather drops, as it always does, Mike moves indoors where he picked up curling and now loves to get out on the ice whenever he can. After each curling event, teams get together to cook dinner and socialize, and Mike curls as much for these dinners as he does the actual curling. Recently it’s been harder to curl as he and his wife now have a child of their own to take care of.

Mike’s first-hand experiences taught him a lot about family law. Not only as a father himself but also as someone whose parents divorced when he was young. His parent’s divorce actually inspired him because they were able to resolve their case without using him and his brother as pawns. Mike now works to deliver as smooth a transition as he had to his clients and their families.

Bar Memberships

State Bar Of Wisconsin 5

State Bar of Wisconsin
Admitted in 2014


Marquette University Law School

University of Wisconsin – Madison Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2014)

University Of Wisconsin Madison

University of Delaware
History and Political Science (2011)

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