End Court-Ordered Child Support in Wisconsin

Understand how to end court-ordered child support and what steps must be taken.

Wisconsin Child Support Basics

Unless specifically stated in your child support agreement, child support should be paid until the child becomes an adult. In the state of Wisconsin, that would be when the child turns 18. You can't end child support payments simply because you don't feel like the child support agreement is fair.

If you truly believe that the support agreement is unfair,[1] you would first need to request to modify the payments with the court. Successfully doing so will not eliminate the payments, it will only adjust the payments according to the new circumstances.

Child Emancipation

If a child files to be emancipated from the one or both of the parents, the court may allow the payor to cease paying child support.

Terminate Parental Rights

If the court or other circumstances terminate a parent's parental rights, then the obligation to pay child support would also terminate.

Third Party Child Adoption

During an adoption, parents who previously had the responsibility of caring for a child no longer bare the responsibility, which means the obligation of paying child support also ceases.

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