My Kid Should be Treated Fairly at My Ex's House

As a parent, one of your primary concerns is probably the welfare of your children. A problem may arise as to how your children are treated whenever they come to visit the non-custodial parent.

As much as possible, you want only the best for them. In cases where you have acquired a divorce decree against your spouse and have entered into custody arrangements with the latter, the first thing that you have to think of is to ensure that your kids are properly taken cared of and treated.

Talk to Your Children About It

Whenever you notice that there are changes in the attitude of your children after they have visited your ex partner's new home, ask them about it. Make sure that you try to communicate with them and make them feel that they can tell you anything. Ask about how they were treated during their visit for the day or the weekend. Let them open up so you can address the problem in the fastest way possible. If there is a need to hire the services of a child counselor, do not hesitate to hire one for it may be beneficial for the kids.

Communicate With Your Ex

Inform the other party how your children feels about not being treated well and fairly. Observe the words that you will use in your conversation. Try to remain calm and approachable. Do not start the conversation in a negative way by accusing him of doing any act or blaming him for how the kids feel about the visit. Failure to do this may result in a big fight that may make the situation worse.

Ask Your Lawyer

If your former spouse does not cooperate with you, the next thing to do is to call your family attorneys. Ask about the custody arrangements that you have entered with your ex. If there is a court order with respect to this matter, you can file a motion for the modification of the child custody. The law gives you such remedy as long as you can properly prove that there have been changes in the situation of any of the parents or in the circumstances affecting the child. However, it must be noted that the burden of proof to show such change lies on your part. Therefore, there is a need to have a clear discussion about this matter with your lawyer before filing the motion.

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