What to Do When Your Parents Adore Your Ex?

It's hard for anyone to let go of their ex-spouse. Especially if your parents liked them. Find out how to address your concerns by reading.

The sad thing about every break up is that you need to start all over again. You need to let go of all the memories that you have with your ex partner and to begin again making new ones with other people in your lives. Moving on and letting go has never been easy. It becomes even more difficult if your loved ones, such as your own parents, have also grown deep affection for your ex-wife or ex-husband. In most instances, this is only normal. However, certain problems could arise and it may cause you emotional pain if your parents continue to love and adore your former spouse.

Getting Jealous: Is It Normal?

There may be times when you may start to feel jealous about the close relationship between your parents and your ex-partner. This is completely normal especially since a part of you wants to severe all the connections that you have with your ex. If you become uncomfortable about their closeness, the best things that you can do is talk to your parents and inform them about how you feel. It is important that you become transparent about these things so they will be aware of what is hurting you.

Keep Your Cool at All Times

Whenever you see your mom or dad spending time with your ex, never flare up in front of them. Do not try to make a scene by starting a fight to gain their attention. At these moments, what you need to do is to take some time off so you can think about things. Just relax and keep your cool. Again, if their friendship or closeness makes you uncomfortable or hurts you in any way, talk to your parents. They will surely understand as long as you let them know how you feel.

When You Need a Lawyer

The closeness between your ex and your parents is usually normal. However, if your ex has a hidden agenda in maintaining his or her friendship with your parents, then make sure that you take a proper action as soon as possible. When you discover that your former spouse is taking advantage of the said friendship to gain information about your current life situation, you can immediately call a family law attorney to assist you. An attorney can present all the legal remedies that you can avail of in cases where you ex had violated your rights to privacy and other rights as may be granted by law.

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