Who Gets the Friend Group After a Divorce?

As you may have probably realized by now, the fact is when a couple decides to get a divorce, their marriage is not the only thing that is separated. Almost everything is divided – from the properties acquired during their marriage, the custody over the children, the liabilities they have for the support of the kids and even to the loyalty of friends.

Let's Face the Truth

Whether you like it or not, the couples will have to undergo several transitions after their decision of walking away from their failed marriage. This includes spending time with their friends separately. Some friends will stay on your side while others may choose to be with your former partner. When they do this, do not worry for it is completely normal. They will always take sides and all you have to do is to just relax. Let them act the way they want to. Instead, you must focus on becoming a better person after the divorce.

What to Do When You Miss Them

Consider yourself lucky if your friends choose not to take sides. If this is the case, then you will not have a problem since you will still get a chance to spend time with them. However, if your friends are not fair and choose to be on the other side, remind yourself to keep your cool. It is absolutely okay to miss them especially if you have good memories together. Nonetheless, it is also necessary to let them go. If they really love you and are faithful to your friendship, they would stay. You do not need to chase them or convince them to stay.

What If Your Friends Can Affect the Case?

The fact that your friends may take side is not really a big issue for your divorce case. It only becomes material when their actions leave you in a very difficult situation with respect to the progress of the case. For example, they may use certain information acquired from you that may put you in a disadvantaged position. When this happens, get in touch with your family lawyer as soon as possible. Let him or her present the various legal remedies available that you may have against your friends. Do not feel guilty whenever you need to go after them because in the first place, it was them who chose to be with your ex instead of being a friend to you.

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