My Spouse Walked Out On Me, What Are My Rights?

When you're spouse walks out on you, it's important to make a plan of how you want to move forwards.

Movement of a Marriage

A marriage, no matter how perfect it is, may end in many unexpected ways. There are some married couples who end up getting divorced because of circumstances beyond their control. A spouse may wake up one day and realize that the other spouse is no longer there. If you find yourself in a similar situation, there are many questions that you need to ask yourself before taking any step. Make sure that you think through about these matters for it will determine your future as well as the future of your children.

What happened in the marriage?

Look for the reasons why your partner walked away without any explanation. Examine the various factors that could have affected your marital relations. Determine whether or not you failed in fulfilling your obligations as a husband or wife. This will enable you to properly discern on the next step that you are going to take.

Are you getting a divorce?

After a careful study and evaluation of what went wrong in the marriage, the next thing to do is decide if divorce is the only option left. If the marriage is beyond redemption, then filing a petition for divorce may be a good idea. If you and your spouse are still willing to undergo marriage counseling, then you should give it a try. Remember that getting a divorce is probably the most important decision that you are going to make. It can affect your life immensely.

Is it time to get a lawyer?

When it comes to divorce proceedings, it is imperative that you interview a good family attorney in Milwaukee. Once you file the petition for divorce, you must be sure that everything is already in order. Engaging the services of a skillful attorney who is known in the legal community for winning many divorce cases is the key to achieve such goal. It must be noted that divorce involves not only severing the marital ties between a couple, but also the custody, maintenance, and support of their children.

Do you want to enter into a compromise agreement with your spouse?

In case you push through with the divorce proceedings, you must prepare yourself for the legal steps that the other spouse may take. Expect to receive a copy of the pleadings and an answer from your wife or husband. Anticipate also an offer to enter into a compromise agreement. Talk to your lawyer before you answer the above-mentioned question. Do not negotiate with your spouse or the other party's lawyer without consulting with your own attorney.

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