Is Wisconsin a Fault or No Fault Divorce State?

Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state, which means neither party needs to prove the other party failed to live up to the marriage agreement. As such, a divorce will be granted as long as both parties agree the marriage is irrevocably broken.

The difference between fault and no-fault grounds[1] is dependent on the proof that the petitioner must present to obtain a divorce decree. For example, imprisonment of a spouse in some states would be considered a fault grounds for a divorce and in other states it would be considered a no-fault grounds for a divorce.

In addition, legal separation also called bed and board divorce could potentially be another option for you at this time if you're not completely committed to getting a divorce. Even if you may feel like an outcast, it is important to be strong during this tough time.

Talking with an experienced divorce lawyer will help you understand why the least costly route to divorce is actually no-fault. There is no burden of proof placed on the petitioner of the divorce decree.

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