The Blame Game During Divorce Has No Winner

The most common thing that divorcing couples tell each other is “It is your fault.” or “This is on you.” The blaming game is always in the picture. They will always point fingers at each other. No one would admit that he or she was at fault for the failure of the marriage. This is the reason why spouses often blame one another in front of their lawyers.

While it may be a relief to attribute the separation to your former partner, it is highly advisable that you avoid from doing such. The best thing to do here is maintaining a friendly environment with the other party in order to prevent animosity from affecting your case.

The Harm the “Blame Game” Brings

When you keep on blaming your ex-wife or ex-husband for the end of the marriage, there is a high tendency that you will only suffer from depression and frustration. Recent study shows that a person who has a negative attitude with respect to his or her life situations will end up sad and unhappy. If you continue on pointing your finger to the other spouse, you are only preventing yourself from getting the happiness that you deserve. Instead of doing the blame game, you must start to move forward and just focus on the divorce case.

What You Can Do to Avoid the Game

Try to keep your cool at all times. Do not allow the other party to bring out the worst part in you. As much as possible, talk things through and do not overreact. Whenever you talk to your law firm, be open about almost everything that has something to do with the divorce. This will enable the attorney to place you in an advantageous position during the litigation. Do not exaggerate your stories just to blame all the wrong things to your ex. What you need to do is to share stories truthfully.

Avoid Fights With Your Ex

During the pendency of the divorce proceedings, it is encouraged that you avoid any fights or confrontations with your former wife or husband. As much as possible, do not enter into negotiations or settlements with the other spouse without the assistance of your divorce lawyer. When it comes to rendering a decision, the judge will take into consideration a lot of factors. Make sure that you do not perform acts that would be prejudicial on your rights and interests.

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