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Attorney Chase D. Cripe
2810 Crossroads Dr
Madison, WI 53718
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Practice Areas:
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
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Madison, WI
Licensed Since 2020
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Chase D. Cripe

4.4 out of 5
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About Chase D. Cripe

(also known as Chase Cripe)

Attorney Chase Cripe is a hard worker at his core. Ever since his childhood, he’s been settling arguments between the people around him, working to find the root of the problem, listening for possible solutions, searching for ways to help everybody. Chase now recognizes that while he may not be able to help everyone, he can help those he cares about. And when Chase takes on a client, he cares for their success and well-being, knowing that how their case is decided will affect them for years to come.

One of Chase's most memorable cases was when he worked with a single mother where the father of her child was just making her and her son’s life horrible. She didn’t have much money, but he worked with her, advising her while she put a lot of time and effort into the case on her own. They won the case together. Chase is proud of this moment specifically because he was able to empower his client to make her life better.

That being said, Chase is a fierce adversary in the courtroom. He is always prepared and is not afraid to take a stand for his clients. He has had a deep-seated sense of competition rooted in his love of football. He grew up in Indiana and went to Colts games every year. His favorite memories are from when his grandpa took him and his friends to their training camps where he could see the effort and determination it took to be amazing. Chase recognizes that for his clients, winning their case is more important than winning a super bowl.

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After earning his undergraduate in Political Science at Indiana University–Bloomington, he went to Marquette Law School to earn his law degree. One of his greatest victories here was getting published in a law review. This may not seem important at first, but was a long time in the making. In his first year of law school, Chase had a professor tell him his writing wasn’t good enough, then in his final semester, he was published in the law review run by that same professor. Chase succeeded because he stayed persistent, working to perfect his writing, and it paid off.

Chase loves it when his family comes to visit him because he can show them how amazing Wisconsin is. This was especially important to Chase because he is able to show around his hero–his mom. Chase says that he learned more from her than anyone else because, even as a cancer survivor and someone who came from a broken home, she never gives up and never stops learning. She will soon be finishing her Ph.D. and Chase couldn’t be more proud of her.

Bar Memberships

State Bar Of Wisconsin
State Bar of Wisconsin
Admitted in 2020


Marquette University Law School

Marquette Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2020)

Indiana University

Indiana University–Bloomington
B.A.: Political Science (2017)
Minors in Spanish, Criminal Justice, & Business

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