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The north shore is a beautiful area, and Bayside is home to a strong community. But sometimes even in idyllic places, life doesn't happen as planned and you make the tough decision to move forward with a divorce. Faced with the unexpected, it can be difficult when you don't know how to proceed or who you can trust.
Our Bayside divorce lawyers take a very personal approach to all of their cases because we feel it is the best way to represent you in the courtroom. The court system in Milwaukee County can be tricky, and we aim to help you understand every detail that could possibly help your case. At Sterling Lawyers, we believe that no two cases are alike. Without taking a personalized approach, you wouldn't be getting the best representation possible.
When moving forward with any kind of family law case in the Bayside area, the top-rated lawyers at Sterling Lawyers are happy to help. That includes divorce and legal separation, child support and child custody, property division, and spousal support.

Directions to our Offices

Brookfield Office

  1. Get on to I-43 S from E Brown Deer Road or W Brown Deer Road.
  2. Stay on I-43 S for about 9 and a half miles then stay right to merge onto I-94 W.
  3. Take exit 301B for Moorland Road N and then merge on to S Moorland Road.
  4. Take a left on Shopping Center Ring Road and follow it until there's a four-way stop.
  5. Take a slight left onto Brookfield Square Drive.

Free Parking is available on the east and north sides of the building and the parking lot can be accessed from either Brookfield Square Drive or S Executive Drive. The trip is about 21 miles with an estimated drive time of 30 minutes.

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Milwaukee Office

This might be the most convenient location for you.

  1. Get on to I-43 S from E Brown Deer Road or W Brown Deer Road.
  2. Stay on I-43 S for about 12 minutes.
  3. Take exit 72B toward Lakefront to merge on to I-794 E.
  4. When on I-794 E stay left to take exit 1E for Van Buren Street N.
  5. Keep left at the exit and merge on to E Clybourn Street.
  6. Finally, take a right on N Jefferson Street and our office will be on the left-hand side across from the Blackthorn Pub & Grill.

There's metered parking nearby and a parking garage about a block away on E Mason Street (ABM Parking). The trip is about 13 miles and the drive time should be about 20 minutes in regular traffic.

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Menomonee Falls Office

  1. Take E Brown Deer Road heading west, and continue for about 15 minutes.
  2. Turn left onto N 107th Street.
  3. Turn right on Good Hope street and stay right to merge on to I-41 S/WI-100 S.
  4. After 2 miles, take Exit 46 and turn right on to W Silver Spring Drive.
  5. Take a left at Campbell Drive and our offices will be in the group of offices to the left.

Free parking is available in front of the building. The trip is about 14 miles with an estimated drive time of 25 minutes.

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Waukesha Office

  1. Get on to I-43 S for about 10 miles, then stay right to merge on to I-94 W towards Madison.
  2. Take Exit 294 and stay right.
  3. Turn right on Pewaukee Road then take a left on Riverwood Drive.

There is a large, free parking lot available for use in front of the building. The trip is about 28 miles with an estimated drive time of 35 minutes.

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