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Divorce and separation can be a notably stressful, sad, and confusing time. It can be difficult to accept or understand what the next steps should be after the decision is made, and beginning the process of filing can sometimes be hard to follow for those unfamiliar with the process.

As Wisconsin is a community property state, this means that assets will need to be divided equally between the two people. This includes the properties that need to be divided. If there are children involved, there will also need to be a custody arrangement and placement plan created.

This can be a greatly stressful and emotional experience for everyone involved, but our attorneys in different locations in Wisconsin, including Marathon County, are experienced in handling the emotional circumstances of family law.

They are all focused on helping you solve the legal issue you are facing, and they can help you learn how to navigate the upheaval of separation.

Our attorneys here at Sterling Lawyers have years of experience when it comes to family law, that’s why you are in great hands and can feel at ease while the case is ongoing.

They are attentive and they will never waste time. We’ll guarantee you that your money will not be spent doing anything but working on your case.

When dealing with divorce, what you need is an attorney who can compassionately listen, understand, advise, and support you throughout the separation process.

This includes all the necessary demands of both parties, especially when there are children and property involved. You can be certain that our attorneys possess all these characteristics and more.

We make sure that all of our clients are satisfied because that is our top priority. Our success is not based on the money that we received, but on your happiness and satisfaction. This is why we offer a one-time, flat-rate fee to show our dedication to your case.

This will help reduce the weight and stress you are carrying. We also offer workshops to help you understand the different types of divorce because our aim is to help you move on and live a new life without any burden.

No matter how hard this is for you, our attorneys will be here to support you emotionally because they understand that no divorce case is the same. For a consultation call or visit our office now!

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