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About Sterling Lawyers

At Sterling Lawyers, we know how much stress a family legal situation or divorce can cause. We believe that these cases deserve to be a top priority, which is why our work focuses exclusively on family law.

Some things that spouses should keep in mind when choosing to enter into a divorce are properties such as bank accounts, estates, and vehicles that are involved. The couple must decide how these assets will be divided.

Our attorneys know that every case is different because every couple is different. What never changes, and what Sterling seeks to ensure, is that this separation is done equally and fairly.

If children are involved, parents have to consider how their children’s growth and behavior will be affected. A more pressing question is who attains primary custody of the child.

Regardless of that decision, our attorneys know that what’s usually in the best interest of the child is that the spouses learn how to co-parent in an amicable way. Sterling wants to solve your problems, not create more.

Our professional selection of lawyers, mediators, and court practitioners are dedicated to working with you and supporting you through the process.

In addition to our core team, we consult social workers, property appraisers, and court officers to ensure a well-rounded service. Our team will also provide workshops that will address any questions you have.

These workshops cover the divorce process, the various types of divorce, and the various approaches to choose from to find a solution for your family.

Our attorneys in our Wisconsin locations understand that when two people decide to have a divorce in Lincoln County, the process can be a distressing and disheartening one.

The divorce process takes a considerable amount of time and, oftentimes, money. We won't beat around the bush, obtaining a lawyer, submitting papers, and addressing other necessities to process the case can come at a high cost.

Not only is this a challenging process, but there are other details to consider. The state of Wisconsin upholds statewide regulation for divorce cases, but certain counties may have specific details.

Lincoln County’s divorce process may slightly differ from its neighboring counties.

Overall, the divorce process is not an easy one.

There are three main methods for tackling the divorce process. The first step you need to take is deciding which method is best for you.

DIY Divorce – Do It Yourself (with pros to help)

  • Unlimited access to our workshops, Q&A, and guidance for your confident approach
  • Have peace of mind that your divorce will be correctly filed and served through our intuitive advising process

Divorce Mediation – Ensure a harmonious process and relationship

  • Neutral mediator to peacefully guide your settlements from start to finish
  • Our team will sort through the confusing paperwork so you don’t have to
  • Only costs a fraction of contested divorce costs

Divorce Litigation – You’ll have Sterling in your corner

  • Sterling’s top negotiation and litigation team will advocate for you
  • When there’s distrust, abuse, or challenges present, this method is for you

No matter what you choose, Sterling's location in Lincoln County will be committed to you. Our team will break down the jargon and complexities, including you every step of the way so that you’ll never feel in the dark about your own case.

Here at Sterling Lawyers, we care about you. 

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