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Katie VanDeusen
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Legal Options that Work for You

There are three basic legal paths. The first step in executing a legal action is deciding which process is right for you.

How We Help Clients

About Sterling Hughes

With multiple locations throughout Illinois, our vision at Sterling Hughes is to ease your anxiety and take care of the legal details of your divorce, child custody or other family law cases. Our team of family lawyers wants to make you a priority and every person in our Hoffman Estates office is dedicated to putting you and your family first.

Putting our clients first is also reflected in our unique flat-rate pricing system. The last thing you need during a difficult time is the added worry of an unknown legal bill and hidden fees at the end of it. We don't charge hourly, which means that no matter how drawn out or complex your case becomes the price you pay never changes.

Included in your fee is all communication, research, travel, and time that our lawyers spend working with you. Our goal is to be proud of our work and provide the best possible outcome for our clients, not to nickel-and-dime the people who put their trust in us.

For Immediate help planning your divorce or answering of your questions call (312) 757-8082 now.
If you needed a haircut would you go to a barber or stylist, or instead would you let anyone with a pair of scissors and a comb do it? For most people’s peace of mind, having someone with know-how is important. In this example, even though the tools are the same, the experience of the people holding them matters if you want it done right.

The same is true of law. Unlike many law offices, which offer a little of this and a little of that, at Sterling Hughes, LLC we practice exclusively in family law. Our team is made up of experienced divorce lawyers, Collaborative Law practitioners and trained mediators with over 60 years of combined experience. All of our attorneys combine their varied backgrounds and know-how by sharing information to work towards a common goal for the benefit of our clients.

When you choose Sterling Hughes, a BBB accredited business, it means working with a knowledgeable attorney who will listen to your needs and walk you through the process every step of the way. Working with a dedicated family law office also means your case has access to our network of highly experienced social workers, therapists, and court officials.

Our offices believe in the value of meaningful communication with our clients. There will never be any one-sided conversations between our clients and our attorneys. On day one, we aim to create worry-free lines of communication to ease any undue stress you might have. Our daily updates and strategy sharing will relieve you any extra weight you carry as the case evolves. We realize that this may be one of the toughest times of your life, and we are here to help guide you through it.

To find out how Sterling Hughes – Hoffman Estates can help you schedule a consultation or contact us by either phone or e-mail.

Our Location

Sterling Hughes in Hoffman Estates is located near the Poplar Prairie Stone Crossing Mall, off of Forbs Avenue. The road is only accessible off of W Higgins road when traveling east. For those coming from other directions, you will need to go south on Sutton Road, then turn on to Hoffman Blvd (going around the mall) to reach Forbs Avenue. See more detailed driving instructions below. Click here for directions using Google Maps.

Where to Park

There is ample parking available in a large parking lot around the building.

How to Get to Our Hoffman Estates Office:

Coming from Crystal Lake

  1. From S Main Street, head south until it turns into Pyott Road.
  2. Turn Left on W Algonquin Road and continue for about 7 miles.
  3. Turn right on Old Sutton Road for another 3.5 miles.
  4. Then turn right on Hoffman Blvd.
  5. Take another right on Forbes Ave. The building will be on the right-hand side.

Coming from St. Charles

  1. Take IL-25 N then continue on to W Stearns Road.
  2. Turn Left on IL-59 and continue for about 6 and a half miles.
  3. Turn left on Hoffman Blvd.
  4. Take a right on Forbes Ave. The building will be on the right-hand side.

Coming from Des Plaines

  1. The fastest route is to take I-90 W toll road to the IL-59 exit.
  2. Continue straight onto Hoffman Blvd.
  3. Take a right on Forbes Ave. The building will be on the right-hand side.
  • To avoid tolls, take E Algonquin Road heading west. Turn left on to Golf Road then left on IL-72 E and go for another 5 miles. Turn left on Sutton Road, then right on Hoffman Blvd. Turn right on Forbes Ave and the building will be on the right-hand side.

Coming from Sycamore

  1. Follow N Main Street to Plank Road.
  2. Stay on Plank Road for about 12 miles
  3. Take a left on Main Street in Burlington
  4. Turn right on to French Road.
  5. When the road ends, take a right on W Oak Knoll/IL-72E for about 45 minutes (the road will change names several times).
  6. When the road turns into W Higgins Road, and you pass Beverly Road, turn right on Forbes Ave. The building will be on the left-hand side.

Coming from Elgin

  1. Take Bode Road from E Chicago Street.
  2. Eventually, it will turn into Rohrssen Road you will turn right on Golf Road.
  3. Turn left on Sutton Road, go under I-90
  4. Take a left on Hoffman Blvd.
  5. Turn right on Forbes Ave and the building will be on the right-hand side.

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Three Simple Steps

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"I would highly recommend this Law Firm. I was in a situation where I was unsure if I needed to have an attorney or not, and after talking with them & having been side tracked thru the Milw Courts for a Family Matter I decided to hire them. Living 3 hours away & working full time I was able to do all the paperwork via Fax & Email. They gave me options that I myself would of not even thought of. They were upfront with the costs of services I may have needed, Luckily I was able to get this matter ruled in my favor and got my case transferred out of Milw Co. They respond to your questions in a timely matter &keep you updated as to what they have or are doing with your case. Being 43 yrs old & never had to hire an attorney & being in a different county & finding their law firm by Googling & reading all the reviews to make a call us all it took. Was confident when my court date came that we had information to back my claim & Erin Boyd was Ready to fight for me & my son's. They all work together to find the right attorney for your needs. HOLLY & ERIN both made me feel at ease knowing what was in store & what would have to be done if we needed to proceed to the next step. I would recommend them to anyone that needs someone to fight for them. Erin asked questions & If I had messages & all I had to do was email them to her & she had them if we needed to pull them out in court. I was nervous &Erin put my nerves at ease. So happy I was able to put this chapter behind since it's been on going since 2009. Just wish I would be able to use them again in my county cuz they would be the firm I call. But If I am ever needing a recommendation for a legal matter I will contact them & ask for direction. THANKS AGAIN ERIN & THE REST OF THE FIRM."

- Lori L.
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