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Wisconsin Alimony Calculator

Get an estimate of future alimony payments based on several alimony models

calculate wisconsin alimony payments
Wisconsin does not have guidelines for spousal support. Since there are no percentage baselines, a divorce where spousal support is argued may go to trial if the parties can not come to an agreement. If a divorce with spousal support goes to trial the laws in Wisconsin Statutes 767.26 clearly give sole discretion of spousal support to the court.

Is Wisconsin an alimony state?

The list of factors the court will use in determining spousal support are listed in the above paragraph. Wisconsin is a no fault divorce state meaning you don’t have to have a reason for having a divorce. For that reason, the reason for getting a divorce won’t factor into spousal support orders.

What is the average amount of alimony?

Since there are no guidelines in Wisconsin for spousal support payments we have provided a few calculators from other states. These are meant to give you and idea of what spousal support might look like depending on the facts of your case.

Estimate Alimony Payments*

*Please remember there are NOT percentage guidelines in the Wisconsin statues and these are formulas from other states. The purpose of this calculator is to give an idea of what spousal support payments may look like depending on the circumstances of your case.
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