Can You Be Entitled to Alimony Even If You Are Able to Support Yourself?

Maintenance is granted to a spouse that is not able to support themselves. It is taken into consideration in cases where the sacrifices made by the spouse in order to equip their significant other with the lifestyle and the tools they need to be successful. It is also considered how much work the breadwinner spouse put into maintaining a home.

There are several factors that a court would consider in a case like this.

In the case of Roberto v. Brown, 107 Wis. 2d 17, 318 N.W.2d 358 (1982), the supporting spouse was originally granted 70% of the proceeds of the marital assets, but granted no maintenance on the grounds that the spouse was able to support herself. This was found to be an error, and it was later overturned by a higher court. The extra 20% of the proceeds, which should have been 50%, was found to be an insufficient number and did not make up for the maintenance that was due.

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