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Did you know that there are many legal processes that you need to comply or follow when it comes to getting a divorce or legal separation with your partner? Your goal during the divorce is not only to obtain the decree from the court. At the same time, your concern also includes the custody of minors, child placement, living arrangement and separation of properties. When it comes to the partition of the marital assets, one of the complicated processes is the division of personal property in divorce. In this article, we will discuss some of the basic tips and tricks to make the separation of the said assets easier and more convenient.

Creating Your List

If there is one thing that you need to do first, it is certainly to account for all the properties that you own. Create a list of the personal properties under your name. There is a need to make proper declarations with the court. Otherwise, the court may award a bigger share of the assets to the other party. As a general rule, the parties are allowed to give their own valuations to the assets. However, if there are some problems that arise between them, hiring a professional appraiser may be required. Make sure that you know how to separate conjugal assets from your exclusive properties. Here’s a Property Division Worksheet that could help you in this situation. http://www.sterlinglawyers.com/wisconsin/property-division/worksheet/.

Talk To The Other Party

Communication is the key to a healthier relationship with your ex-partner. However, this does not mean that you have to force the friendship. As much as possible, try to be professional or civil about the separation. Do not argue with your ex in front of the children as it may affect them in a negative way. Always try to settle legal matters without the intervention of the court. If your ex-partner is hesitant in cooperating, then talk to a divorce lawyer who can tell you all the legal remedies that you may avail to enforce your rights to the properties.                                                                      

Hire The Right Lawyer

The important thing that a client needs to do during the divorce proceedings and the process for separation of properties is to hire the right lawyer who will represent him or her in court. The lawyer must be skillful in handling divorce and partition cases to ensure that your rights and interests will be protected at all times. Always maintain a good communication with your attorney so that you can easily get updates about the progress of your case in court.

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