Will My Child Have to Speak in Court?

During the presentation of the evidence, your child may be requested to testify concerning the issue that is being litigated. His or her testimony will have a great effect on how the judge will decide the case. The said child will enjoy certain rights while the court is taking his or her testimony. Lawyers may also petition the court to make the interview private in order to protect the interests of your kid.

Is the divorce case against your former spouse causing you stress? Are you having some problems concerning the custody over your children? Do you want to learn how you can fight for the payment of child support for your children? If you answer yes to all these questions, then you may consider reading the rest of the article. In this post, you will learn some of the basic things that you need to know as you go through litigation with respect to child custody and child support.

The sound advice of every custody lawyer is that you must settle things with your ex-wife or ex-husband without the intervention of the court. As much as possible, you need to avoid litigation as it will cost you a lot and at the same time, it is also time-consuming. Moreover, litigation would require more work for your lawyer or even on your part. Verily, if you can still discuss matters with your ex without going to the courts of law, then you have to do it. Entering into private compromise agreements is way better and more advantageous than litigating.

If despite your diligent efforts to compromise and settle amicably, the other party is still indifferent to your proposals or offers, then seeking the aid court may be the right thing to do. An action in court may be commenced through the filing of the proper pleading. If there is still a pending divorce case, you have an option to raise the issue of child support or child custody in the said case. You can do it through the filing of the proper motion with the assistance of your hired legal counsel.

When it comes to court trial and hearing, your task is to present certain testimonial, object and documentary evidence. The goal is to convince the jury and the judge to rule in your favor. This can be done by submitting evidentiary proof that will make them grant your reliefs or prayers. This is why your child may be requested to testify.

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