Will Business Travel Impact Custody?

The court will take into consideration of business travels prior to the divorce or separation. In addition, future travels will be checked to determine what are your custodial rights.

Child custody cases are highly sensitive since it involves not only the rights of the children but also their emotions. This is the primary reason why judges handling these types of cases are very careful in hearing the different allegations of the parents and in granting their respective claim. If you find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to litigate in order to claim custody of your children from a former partner, then you should know how certain factors might affect the potential outcome.

Will Business Travels Affect Your Case For Child Custody?

The answer to this question is in the affirmative. The court will take into consideration the fact that you have gone through a lot of business travels prior to the divorce or separation. At the same time, the probability of your future travels will also be checked to determine what are your custodial rights. Of course, the judge will choose to grant the custody to the parent who is guaranteed to be always around with the kids and who can take good care of them all the time.

Will the Fact That You Travel a Lot Put You on a Losing End?

The judge will still consider other factors in deciding the custodial rights of the parents. Therefore, the fact that you travel a lot does not necessarily place you in a losing end. If you and your lawyer can show the court that the other party is unable to perform his or her parental obligations, then there is a high chance that the jury will rule in your favor. However, it must be noted that you also have the burden of proof to show to the judge that you are physically, financially and emotionally capable of being a custodial parent.

How Can a Lawyer Help You With This?

Choosing an efficient and effective custody attorney is very important when it comes to child custody cases. You will need the assistance of an attorney who can help you in the preparation and presentation of certain evidence. The lawyer can identify what are those types of evidence, whether documentary or testimonial, that may be admissible in court. Moreover, as a legal counsel, he or she can also discuss what are your rights and obligations. You just need to work hand in hand with the lawyer so that there may be an increase in your chance of getting a sole custody.

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