One of the most common disputes arising from divorces between married couples is child custody. There are a lot of legal questions and issues asked by the parents such as “Who keeps the custody over the person of their children now that the marriage is dissolve?” Another issue is “Where will the kids live especially if the family home has already been sold or partitioned by the mother and father?”
These issues can be resolved in the two ways. First is the extra-judicial way of settling the question on child custody whereby both the parents come up with an agreement concerning the said subject matter. This is the kind of remedy where court intervention is no longer necessary. However, if there is impossibility for the parties to enter into a settlement without litigation, the judicial remedy may be resorted to by either of them. This second type of resolving the child custody issue requires adjudication by the judge. Verily, the judge will require the mother and father to submit certain evidence in order to establish and prove their claims.
A lot of issues can arise from child custody cases. If you see that you are in this type of situation, then maybe it is about time to consider hiring the services of a professional coordinator. He or she can act as mediator in the family. The nice thing about a parenting coordinator is that there are absolutely no taking sides. He or she will be more than willing to listen to all the stories and concerns by each family member. As a result, problems are easily identified and addressed as soon as possible. Because of the neutrality of the parenting coordinator, it becomes easier for the parents to make small decisions. A parenting coordinator always works for the best interest of the children involved.
parenting coordinator talking to parentsYou will know if a parenting coordinator is highly needed to solve the high conflicts in the family. If you can sense that you are spending more time with your lawyer than with the kids, then that is a sure sign that you need the services of a coordinator. While a good custody attorney in Waukesha will be able to protect and promote your interest in a case, a good parenting coordinator can help you make the best decisions for the family. Make sure that you think about these things thoroughly. Do not make rush decisions in order to avoid future problems.