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Attorney Jack Braaten
3701 E Evergreen Dr
Ste 500A
Appleton, WI 54913
(920) 843-9550

Practice Areas:
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
Primary Location:
Appleton, WI
Licensed Since 2023

Average Client Rating

4.5 out of 5
Based on 40 Client Reviews

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I am emailing in response to your most recent email. I have really been having a hard time with your services at this time. Going through a divorce for the first time is a very traumatic time and my experience with your company has been almost harassing. I have been receiving constant emails to give feedback on the services I have received when I have barely received any services at all. I paid $450 and received one zoom call from my attorney (which he asked to replace instead of an in person visit that he had to cancel) and exchanged a few emails about how the services are even supposed to work and was left confused each time. He then offered me some correspondences to make up for the fact but I was then subsequently sent multiple emails that my case was in the process of being closed. I reached out to him again about this and he mentioned that my case was not actually closing, so I again am left confused as to whether I am allowed to reach out for assistance for the price I already paid or not. I also understand that there is only so much you can say with the information being given, but I expected more sympathy and help for someone who has never been through this experience and has basically no idea where to even start. I am still in the middle of the filing process and would really like to actually have an in-person appointment that I paid for to discuss further what is going to take place and answer some questions I might have about the paperwork I have to fill out. I guess in short your services so far have been very confusing and not helpful so far since I have only been able to correspond with my attorney through email or over the phone and again would just appreciate the in person appointment I paid for.

Thank you,

Rachel Brazeau

Client:Rachel B
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
March 5, 2024

Good communication

Client:Reed B
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
March 5, 2024

Friendly and prompt

Client:Dory T
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
March 4, 2024

I would recommend Jack to friends and family. I don't do scales since it is too ambiguous and it seems everyone wants a 10. I will say that Jack was very knowledgeable and easy to work with throughout the process.

Client:Ryan S
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
March 1, 2024

There aren't enough stars to rate Sterling Law. They have been wonderful to work with! From the receptionist the day of intake to Jack the lawer that represented me, all have been nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable, and caring firm for your custody case. I would highly recommend Sterling Law! There's no better feeling than having someone on your side that has your back! Thank you Jack and associates for all of your help! I couldn't have gotten the results I did with out you! <3

Client:Michael L
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
February 28, 2024
Client:Stephanie P
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
February 27, 2024
Client:Tana C
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
February 20, 2024

Jack was 10/10. He was great and made it easy.

Client:Lisa T
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
February 16, 2024

Depends on the situation. If I knew their situation was as amicable as mine/ours then I would.

Client:Meredyth M
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
February 14, 2024

He's good. I just feel like he wasn't prepared and then he'll come back. Other than that, he's good.

Client:Jonathan C
Attorney Hired:Jack Braaten
February 8, 2024

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Bar Memberships

State Bar Of Wisconsin
State Bar of Wisconsin
Admitted in 2023


Marquette University Law School
Marquette University Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2023)
University Of Wisconsin Madison
University of Wisconsin – Madison
B.A. in Political Science (2020)
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