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About Sterling Lawyers

Our attorneys have years of experience and focus exclusively on family law. We know that every case is different because every family is different. At locations all over Wisconsin and Washburn County, Sterling Lawyers are available to hear about your case. 

Divorce is an emotional and oftentimes complicated situation. We know that when one of our attorneys gets involved, both spouses are hurting and in pain.

This can cause heated arguments and unkind words to be said, which is why an attorney is a useful person to have present. They can be the voice of reason, then can support you and advocate for you, and they can make sure that negotiations are fair for both parties.

Aside from our great attorneys, Sterling Lawyers also uses a unique one-time, fixed-rate fee. This means that our attorneys don't work like other attorneys, you are not paying for every hour of their time.

This acts as a guarantee that no matter what happens in your case, how long it takes to finalize, or how often you contact your attorney, you know exactly what you will be spending.

Our team of Collaborative Law practitioners, mediators, paralegals and other professionals is more focused on helping your family move forward, not on how much money you spend.

That’s how we value all our clients. You and your family are our top priority. 

We have three approaches that you can choose based on what works best for you, call us to learn more:

  • DIY Divorce
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Divorce Litigation
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