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About Sterling Lawyers

Divorce is a serious matter and it’s vital that you understand the effects that it can have on spouses and children. In this difficult situation, there is oftentimes a lot of tension and anxiety and can lead to some heartbreak.

That is why Sterling Lawyers exist. We pack our teams full of attorneys who are compassionate, dedicated individuals, who care more about the outcome of your case than the money in your pocket.

This is why our attorneys have been setting the bar for excellence since we started in 2013.

Sterling Lawyers have several locations to serve you, one of which is in Sheboygan County. Our attorneys are experts in their field when it comes to stipulations and the legalities in Wisconsin.

Choosing our attorneys is the right choice because we will help you from the start and up to the end. Remember that we are on your side and we’ll never get tired of working on your behalf.

This is not an easy process but we will be with you every step of the way.

We take your financial budget into consideration. We know that divorce can put a strain on your finances as well as your energy. This is why we offer a one-time flat-rate to give you peace of mind.

No worrying about attorney’s fees or charging for communicating with your attorney. We offer various plans that you can choose from, the DIY Divorce, Divorce Mediation, and Divorce Litigation.

Whatever you choose from these three, we make sure that you will have someone on your side, supporting you. All of our attorneys are well experienced and dependable. You can always reach out to them whenever you have questions.

Sterling Lawyers is always committed and dedicated to helping our clients, giving them security and peace of mind.

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