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About Sterling Lawyers

When something starts to go wrong in a relationship, it can feel like the world is crashing down around you. In a marriage, and especially one with kids, this feeling gets multiplied tenfold.

Most law firms put their divorce cases to the back of their minds. They'll get to it when their “more pressing” cases are dealt with.
Do you really want to trust these people with your future when you need help now?

At Sterling Lawyers, family law is all we practice. Our entire team of divorce lawyers, mediators and Collaborative Law practitioners know better than most what it means to go through a divorce. It also means we have a distinct edge when it comes to winning cases. We know the family court system inside and out.

Communication with our clients is a key aspect to our success. Working with us, you'll never be left in the dark, or wondering what's happening in your own case. We believe clients and attorneys are meant to work together, not against each other.

For this level of specialization and attentiveness, we know what you're thinking: how much? On this point, too, we think we'll surprise you. In our opinion, hourly fees and expensive retainers don't serve clients, and they certainly don't win cases. Those are tools of the past.

Instead, we charge a one-time, flat-rate fee. That means whatever you pay is all you'll ever pay for your entire case. That includes all communication, questions, research, time in court and anything else that comes up.

We take pride in helping our clients, not nickel-and-diming them to death.

To find out the many other ways Sterling Lawyers rises above the competition, call or e-mail us to schedule a consultation.

When it smells like things are heading south in your marriage, it doesn't help to wait. Get in touch with us today.

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