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About Sterling Lawyers

Dealing with divorce can be physically and emotionally stressful for the family, especially if there are children involved. The tough conversations that need to take place can make anyone feel very isolated.

Our attorneys are trained to deal with family laws' many aspects, including divorce, asset division, child custody, and placement. We handle these highly emotional cases because we know that our attorney's have a heart for their clients.

With Sterling Lawyers, child custody can be handled in a way that shelters children from stressful situations taking place. Assets can be calmly cataloged and fairly divided between spouses without causing any further animosity or anger.

We specialize in family law because cases like these affect our communities. The families that we serve deserve to have someone in their corner that they can trust, and know that they will be heard and supported as they reach for their goals.

Finding an attorney who can support you through the separation process is important. One lawyer is not the same as another, and they do not all have the same talents. Our top-notch attorneys are familiar with the local court systems and are dedicated to finding solutions for families looking for Ashland divorce lawyers.For many people, the dread that is associated with any kind of court case is directly related to their wallets. It's no secret that attorneys are not cheap and neither is divorce, but we feel that expecting a divorce to bankrupt you is unacceptable in every circumstance.

Hourly billing is an easy way to rack up an astronomical bill for an already struggling family, and Sterling was built on the foundation of helping our clients, not on the idea of making money any way we could. This is why we implemented our flat-fee, one-time payment method that applies to all of our services.

This not only gives our clients peace of mind, but it helps them figure out how to budget for the future and move one step closer to a new life.

Our attorneys serve communities as far north as Ashland County. For those in Ashland who are struggling with the idea of divorce, our attorneys make themselves available as a resource for information, guidance, and support.

We know that the process is overwhelming. Our passionate attorneys will work with your family's future in mind. What are you waiting for, call, or email us today!

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