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Third Party Custody in Wisconsin

Appropriate when neither parent can appropriately raise a child

third party custody in wisconsin

Third party custody is a form of custody in which neither one of the biological parents is awarded custody of the child. Usually when this happens it is due to one of the following two reasons: the parents don’t want custody or they are incapable of properly caring for the child. Another name for this type of arrangement is grandparents custody as many times it is the grandparents of child who are requests temporary custody of their grandchild to help their adult child.

Parents who are unfit or incapable of caring for the child will generally lose custody by a ruling of the court. Reasons for such ruling include instances of abuse or neglect of the child, substance abuse, abandonment, and inability to bring in an income that will allow for proper care of a child.

Parents who voluntarily give up custody of their child to another adult may do so for any number of reasons. But should that parent find himself or herself in a better situation in life that is better fit for raising a child, they can seek custody in a future custody hearing.

An important thing to note is simply being the biological parent is not enough to gain custody once again, the parent would still have to win a custody case.

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