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There are many expenses that are necessary for the support and maintenance of your children. Upon divorce with a partner, the court may include in its judgment an order on how the expenses will be paid by each parent. Most of the time, it is the father who is ordered liable to finance the tuition fees of the children and other expenses for basic needs. As to the money spent for the kids’ leisure activities, they are often divided between the parents depending on what was ordered by the judge in the final decree of divorce.Parents splitting child's soccer costs

Who pays for the extra expenses of the kids?
As already mentioned above, it is usually divided between the mother and father. Since these expenses do not necessarily pertain to the basic needs of the children, the party liable for support is not really mandated to pay for it. Nonetheless, you can still demand from the other party the said amount. You can always inquire first with a lawyer before talking to your ex-partner about the payment for these expenses. An attorney can give you the instances when demanding from your ex-spouse is a matter of right.

Avoid pressuring your ex-partner.
Nothing feels better than being able to communicate with your ex in a nicest way possible. There is no need to start another fight with him. Try to engage with the other party without giving him any pressure. The first thing that needs to be done is to ask your ex politely if it would be possible for him to pay for the extra expenses. Consider yourself lucky if he has no issues with it. However, if he keeps on insisting that he will not pay, you can always go back to your divorce lawyer for the legal remedies that you may avail.

Avoid involving your children in this issue.
For decency purposes and for the sake of your children, never involve them in any controversy that you may have against the other party. As much as possible, keep everything private between you and your ex. Whenever you decide to meet or negotiate on certain matters, make sure that you do it without the presence of your children. In fact, it is highly recommended that all sorts of settlements with your ex-spouse must be made with the assistance of your respective family lawyers in Milwaukee Wisconsin. This is the best way to protect your rights and interests. It will also lessen the possibility of having future disputes.