Substance Abuse During and After Divorce: Who Does It Hurt?

A person living with someone who is considered a drug addict or alcoholic may have a difficulty over the years in the marriage, which could lead to divorce. Whenever your husband or wife exhibits the symptoms of substance abuse during the subsistence of the marriage, then maybe it is about time to talk to a divorce lawyer. He or she is the best person who can give you a legal advice on how you can deal with the habit or attitude of your husband with respect to drugs and alcohols.

There are many reasons why married couples have to part ways. Divorce can be attributable to several causes such as substance abuse of one of the parties. Whether you like it or not, the fact is that a person with substance abuse can cause harm, pain and suffering to the people surrounding him or her. The narcotics can make them do things that they do not really want to do. Too much drinking of alcohol can also make them violent or harmful. The harm that can be caused is not only limited to physical harm but also emotional harm.

A partner who is abusive with drugs or alcohol has a tendency to become aloof. He or she will more likely be dishonest in all the dealings that he or she makes to everyone. A spouse who exhibits substance abuse may become withdrawn from the relationship or the family. Most likely, he or she will have a hard time in focusing and paying attention. At the same time, the said person may also become physically violent, not only to the other spouse but also with the children.

If you are bothered with the attitude or acts of your partner, make sure that you seek for the help of certain professionals. First of all, you can talk to your spouse and try to discuss the possibility of hiring a counselor or therapist to help him or her overcome the substance abuse. If your husband or wife is quite hesitant about it, you can call your lawyer and ask for the possible remedies that you may avail in order to address your partner.

In cases where the other person becomes physically and emotionally abusive to any member of the family, do not hesitate to contact the authorities. Call the police immediately and your legal counsel. You also need to come up with certain ways on how you can protect your sons and daughters from the other party.

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