Fundamental Communication: A Fresh Take

Marriage communication is the foundation to a successful marriage. As many marriages begin to progress through the years, some start to forego the niceties. This is attributed to the passing of time, and becoming more comfortable around each other. Although, this comfort sometimes begins to transform into something else entirely. It's important to keep the spark alive within your marriage.
Remember in the beginning of you and your spouse's relationship? Do you remember how you felt around each other? You probably felt nervous, anxious, and a little anxiety ridden. You were probably afraid to say the wrong thing, do something inappropriate, or offend them. This is typical behavior in regards to a budding romance. So what has changed?

In attempting to answer this question, we must first look at the natural progression of the relationship itself. As time goes by, we sometimes take up the ongoing mistake of expectancy. This mantle is the opposite of how a successful marriage would continue to thrive. Expectancy is more than knowing what to expect from your spouse, it is foregoing the basic niceties you once gave them.

Remember, knowing your spouse is fantastic, but don't forget to shake things up a bit here and there. Omitting the element of surprise could end up resulting in a pretty predictable relationship. This, as they say, could put out that spark. Keeping that spark alive in your relationship means to put forth that extra effort, keeping a certain amount of spontaneity alive, and sometimes doing the opposite of what your spouse may be expecting.

Don't get so comfortable with your spouse that you tend to forget the “please & thank you” of your communication with each other. Always address your spouse as you would have in the beginning. Remember the cute nick names you once gave each other, and use them throughout your day – everyday. Don't forget to pay regular compliments to each other, and recognize when the other has gone out of their way for you.

Keeping up with good manners toward your better half will keep your relationship thriving, and keeping that spark burning will keep it alive for years to come.

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