Divorcing Someone with a High-Conflict Personality

Misunderstandings will always be part of the marriage. Each spouse has different personalities which, if not dealt with properly, will cause great trouble in their marital union. Even if the parties are willing to settle their differences, there are times when the best possible thing to do is to get a divorce. Despite the efforts of the husband and wife to get along well for the sake of their union and the kids, separation is inevitable.

Try to Minimize Contact with the Other Party

Once your decision to get a divorce has become final, it is highly recommended that you limit your communication and contact with the other spouse. This is not saying that you will no longer talk to your soon to be ex-wife or ex-husband. You can still get in touch with him or her concerning both of your responsibilities as parents to your children. You can also discuss some matters with him but never enter into any settlement without the assistance of a lawyer.

Hire an Effective and Efficient Attorney

A divorce case is really complicated since it involves various legal issues. In order to ensure that all your claims are properly pleaded, it is necessary to get effective family lawyers who will help you in instituting the action for divorce. The divorce attorney is the most knowledgeable professional who can protect your interests and rights during the pendency of the divorce case. This same person can also enter into negotiations in your behalf as long as you give him or her an authority. If you have concerns for child custody and child support, make sure that you let your lawyer know about it.

Never Confide with Your Soon-To-Be Ex

Do not let your spouse know that you are going through an emotional roller coaster ride. Never make him or her feel that the divorce has greatly affected you. It is important to show the other spouse that you are perfectly fine while dealing with the divorce case. With your wife or husband's high conflict personality, it is best not to give him or her an opportunity to be aware of the emotional turmoil in your life. Whenever there is a need to talk to the other party, it is best to keep things neutral and professional. Do not discuss about your feelings for each other to avoid more conflicts and problems from arising.

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