5 Signs You Need a New Divorce Lawyer

The truth is not every lawyer you hire can protect your interests and serve your needs during the pendency of your divorce case. Needless to say, once you notice that the professional engagement with your lawyer is no longer giving you what you deserve, then it is time to find new divorce lawyers to represent you.

1. Your lawyer does not answer to your calls or messages immediately.
Good communication is really important between a client and a lawyer. It is a must that you are updated with all the progress of your case. If your attorney does not respond constantly to all communications made to him or her, it is about time to start looking for a new legal counsel.

2. Your lawyer is inexperienced.
Divorce cases are quite complicated which is the primary reason why your legal counsel must be one who has handled a lot of related cases in the past. Your lawyer's experiences will place you in a more disadvantaged position compared to the adverse party. On the contrary, his lack in experience will increase the chance of losing the case.

3. Your lawyer violates attorney-client privilege.
All information acquired by your lawyer, through his or her relationship with you is protected by the Rules of Court. There is a prohibition for revealing such confidential information. Therefore, once your attorney spills out important information that may affect your case, make sure to call for a replacement as soon as possible.

4. Your lawyer is incompetent.
When it comes to cases filed in court, there is a need to comply with procedural laws. This requires the lawyer to be knowledgeable about the various provisions of the Rules of Court in order to ensure that none of the said rules will be violated. If your lawyer is showing his lack of competency with respect to this matter, then the next thing to do is to have him or her removed from handling your case.

5. Your lawyer always meddles with your personal affairs.
Your lawyer does not have a right to interfere with your personal life. His or her presence is only for the purpose of assisting you in the legal aspects of the divorce case. Once he or she tries to meddle with your personal choices and decisions, the best thing to do is to find a new lawyer to represent you. The new attorney must be someone who knows how to respect your privacy.

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